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TC4200-391 Dell STD2401LW DDS4 20-40GB DAT Drive

TC4200-391 Dell STD2401LW DDS4 20-40GB DAT Drive
Brand: Dell
Product Code: SQS-TC4200-391
UPC: 727542778524
SKU: TC4200-391
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TC4200-391 Dell STD2401LW DDS4 20-40GB DAT Drive

Dell STD2401LW DDS4 20-40GB DAT Drive Refurbished 6 Months Warranty

The TC4200-391 is the Dell badged Seagate/Certance version of the DDS4 20/40Gb internal SCSI DAT drive.

The DDS / DAT (Digital Data Storage / Digital Audio Tape) format was initially developed by a collaboration between HP, Sony and Digital in 1991 and uses helical scanning for recording, the same process used by a video cassette recorder (VCR). If errors are present, the write heads rewrite the data.
DDS DAT tapes used between DDS1 and the DAT72 have a width of 3.81mm, known as 4mm, to give a compressed capacity of up to 72GB.
The Certance DDS4 half height tape drive is the fourth generation in the DDS family and was manufactured by Quantum / Certance for vendors including Dell and IBM, for use as standalone internal and external drives targetting the small business market.
The Certance DDS4 offers 20GB native capacity or 40GB compressed capacity on a single tape at transfer speeds of up to 5.5MBps or 19.8GB per hour. Native, the drive provides 20GB of storage capacity with a transfer speed of 2.75MBps or 9.9GB per hour.
The Certance DDS4 drive employs the same technology as previous DAT products, and uses DDS4 media in order to achieve higher capacities. However, it maintains 3 generations of backward compatibility and can still read and write data to both DDS1, DDS2 and DDS3 4mm tapes.
The Certance DDS4 was only available in 68pin Ultra2 SCSI LVD, interface version.

Media Compatibility

Data Cartridge Native Capacity Compatibility
DDS1 90M 4mm data cartridge 2GB Read and Write
DDS2 120M 4mm data cartridge 4GB Read and Write
DDS3 125M 4mm data cartridge 12GB Read and Write
DDS4 150M 4mm data cartridge 20GB Read and Write

This refurbished product comes complete with a full 6 month return to base warranty.

For help and information on DDS DAT drive repairs and repairs of other tape drives please visit

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Model: SQS-TC4200-391


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