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REPOST UKN2825REP Red ink cartridge

REPOST UKN2825REP Red ink cartridge
Product Code: COMP300208
UPC: 5390653028250
Ref: 4c369409-b13a-5394-8a95-71b53be54817
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Price: £41.09
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REPOST UKN2825REP Red ink cartridge

REPOST UKN2825REP, Red, Neopost, IJ30, IJ35, IJ40, IJ45, IJ50, United Kingdom

The RePost franking ink cartridge for Neopost is a unique hybrid product
A refilled virgin HP core combined with new build plastics, circuitry and components. Fully patented and IP safe.
Our product has ZERO supply issues we are not dependent on the collection of empty OEM cartridges guaranteeing a continuous and unlimited supply of high quality, and IP safe products.

The RePost franking ink cartridges for Pitney Bowes are designed and developed from tooling to ink formulation, ensuring 100% IP compliance.

We control every aspect of the product development process and have the ability to react quickly to changes made by the OEM. These cartridges are not refilled OEM empties, there are no supply constraints in meeting your requirements.

RePost Advantages
15 years expertise in the production of franking inks
In house development: chip and microprocessor codes (patent granted), custom programming software, custom manufacturing fixtures, resolution and support
Extensive range of replacement cartridges fully compatible with the most popular franking machine printers
Extensive product testing
Nonpatent infringing
Significant cost savings
Substantial profit margin opportunity
Full warranty and product support
High satisfaction guarantee – very low defect rate
Approved by UK Royal Mail* and USA Postal Service

*Applicable only to UK programmed cartridges. List of Royal Mail approved cartridges available upon request.

Model: COMP300208


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