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TR-S34BX-EO Quantum SDLT600 300-600GB External Tape Drive

TR-S34BX-EO Quantum SDLT600 300-600GB External Tape Drive
Brand: Quantum
Product Code: SQS-TR-S34BX-EO
UPC: 763684975353
Ref: TR-S34BX-EO
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TR-S34BX-EO Quantum SDLT600 300-600GB External Tape Drive

Quantum SDLT600 300-600GB External Tape Drive Refurbished 6 Months Warranty

The TR-S34BX-EO is the Quantum SDLT600 300/600GB external SCSI tape drive.

The SDLT600 full height tape drive is the third generation of the Quantum SDLT family and was manufactured by Quantum for many vendors including HP, Compaq, IBM, Dell, Tandberg, Overland and many others for use in libraries, autoloaders and of course as standalone internal and external drives.
The SDLT600 offers 300GB native capacity or 600GB compressed capacity on a single tape at speeds of up to 72MBps or 259.2GB per hour. Native, the drive provides 300GB of storage capacity with a transfer speed of 36MB/second.
The SDLT600 is a streaming tape drive that uses half-inch wide Digital Linear Tape (DLT) media and a standard 5.25-inch full-height form factor to simplify integration into system and tape library solutions.
The SDLT600 was available in 68pin Ultra 160 or Fibre Channel interface versions.
Backward read compatibility for SDLT 220 and SDLT 320 tape drive formats with the Super DLTtape I data cartridge type; and the DLT VS160 tape drive format with DLTtape VS1 data cartridge type.

Media Compatibility

Super DLTtape II (read/write) 300 GB native capacity
Super DLTtape I (read only) 160 GB native capacity
DLTtape VS1 (read only) 80GB native capacity

DLTSage iTalk (and Pocket DLTSage iTalk) Infrared (wireless) interface that provides a remote testing base allows customers and integrators to access system diagnostic information from the front of the SDLT 600 tape drive system.

Recommended Media - Best Capability For This Tape Drive

Media Compatibility Written By (Drive) Capacity (Native) Transfer Rate (Native)
Super DLTtape II Read/Write SDLT 600 300 GB 36 MB/sec

Read-Only Media

Media Compatibility Written By (Drive) Capacity (Native) Transfer Rate (Native)
Super DLTtape I Read SDLT 320 160 GB 16 MB/sec
SDLT 220 110 GB 11 MB/sec
DLTtape VS1 Read DLT VS160 80 GB 8 MB/sec

Cleaning Cartridge

Media Capability
SDLT Cleaning Cleaning

This refurbished product comes complete with a full 6 month return to base warranty.

For help and information on DLT repairs and repairs of other tape drives please visit

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Model: SQS-TR-S34BX-EO


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